by Frank Russell

by Bill

Interested in building your own boat?

​The French RG65 Association hosts an excellent database of free hull designs and sail plans. It is available online at: ​

 Free Plan Archive


by Bill Hagerup

Saber65 by Bill Hagerup. This hull was featured in Summer 2016 Issue # 184 of Model Yachting. The Saber65 example of a RG65 developmental specific design.  The hull is a new conecpt designed with multiple chines to have a high prismatic coefficient  Designed to be built from the free plan, this is an inexpensive builders alternative to finished boats.  Download the plan here:  Saber65 RG65 Free Plan

​​Goth65 by Frank Russell is a design based upon the Goth IOM.  This hull placed second in the 2013 & 2014 US Nationals This boat has been scaled and refined for the exciting RG65 development class. Brighton Boat Works is the US distributor for the manufactured MX-Goth65. Designed by Frank Russell with production machining designed and produced by MX Components. This boat comes from the factory complete with Hull, Deck Fin-box, Deck accessories, Carbon Fiber Foils; both rudder & Keel, Carbon fiber coated Ballast and Servos. This boat is available in either fiberglass or carbon fiber.

 The Goth line plans are also available  free online at :Goth RG65 Line Plans 

 DragonForce 65
 by Joysway

Dragon Force RG65 by Joysway has been in full production since June of 2013, and  has sold over 13,000 thousand units worldwide . The Dragon Force was designed in the UK by  Mike Weston (RC Yachts), John Tushingham (Graphite) and Mark Dicks (ICE RG65), and is imported and distributed in the US by Dragon Sailing North America (who also sell direct). The DF65 can also be purchased from Horizon Hobby, Tower Hobbies,  Great Planes in the USA or several other retail outlets worldwide. 

​​The boat is based on Mark Dick's ICE design with an ABS hull, profiled aluminium fin and molded plastic rudder. The rig is a full sized, low aspect RG65 rig with carbon spars and a ball raced gooseneck.  The DF is shipped ready-to-sail including installed electronics, servos and running rigging, making it easy and quick to get on the water.

A set of one design rules are available for the Dragon Force, allowing it to be sailed as a restricted class ​


The RG65 class rules allow for a wide variety of designs to race together as a developmental class. Designs can be  specific to the RG65 class but some are scaled down IOM (65%) and Marblehead (50%) designs . Examples of the common RG65 designs being sailed in the USA are: