Complete Dragon Force Build & Tips Article

Step by step easy to read instructions for building and optimizing your Dragon Force out of the box!!

by Eric Rosenbaum 

Building Class Legal B & C Rigs  for High Wind Sailing! 

The stock Dragon Force main rig ( A Rig) can easily handle winds up to 10-15 MPH. However if you want to sail your Dragon in windier conditions theRestricted Class Rulesallow for Smaller " B & C" rigs to be built.  You must use original manufacturers parts for all  rigs to comply with the rules!

The B Rig can handle winds 15-20 mph, and the C rig can handle winds in the bands above this as far as you dare to go!!  These rigs are not "required" but are allowed for bigger regattas! The  Jib and Main booms are the same size for all 3 rigs, but the masts and sails conform to specific size rules listed in the rules.

The following Suppliers will sell completely bagged and ready B & C kits sets and stock Joysway Sails as well as  aftermarket class legal sails For all 3 rigs

Dragon Sailing North America  USA

Brighton Boat Works USA

RC Yachts  UK

Soch Sails UK

How to assemble your Dragon Force

Step-by-step video instructions on assembling the DF out of the box

by Designer Mike Weston